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Since the Edward Ringwald Websites' humble beginnings as Edward Ringwald's Home Page on a college student server in early 2000 and its migration to its home as on the Web shortly thereafter, I have continually updated, revised and expanded content to include the many road trips you see here as well as a few extras and topics covering a few issues. Overall I would say that the Edward Ringwald Websites grows by leaps and bounds as time passes by.

Unfortunately, it takes money to make this website happen as the costs for maintaining the websites of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network -,, and our web sites portal, plus our blogs - come out of my own funds. You may think that I may add a “premium content” section like some of the newspapers and magazines are increasingly doing on the web. Not so here. In fact, I have not considered and I will not ever consider such a thing; besides, you are already paying for Internet access to your Internet Service Provider every month (along with the myriad of other bills you have to pay, too) and charging for access (or even asking for registration information for access) to and of the websites of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network is not a good idea.

However, if you definitely like what you see here a donation would be greatly appreciated so that I can continue to bring you this content. To help in this regard, I have teamed up with PayPal to provide a secure avenue if you wish to donate to help keep the Edward Ringwald Websites Network around for years to come. If you cannot donate for any reason, I can understand.

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