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The original Edward Ringwald web site since March 2000. Accept no substitutes; this is the original website for all things Edward Ringwald! Roadtrips, timely information and more!.

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The website of all things Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area since 2003! It started out as a feature at EdwardRingwald.com; today it has morphed from a couple of pages on Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg to the most comprehensive site on Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area you'll find out there on the 'net!

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The Edward Ringwald Blogroll

Don't forget, I have two blogs out there for your reading enjoyment!

The Edward Ringwald Blog: Everything and anything which you need to know.

The Interstate 275 Florida Blog: News and information on Interstate 275 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area plus transit related topics including the struggle for the Tampa/St. Petersburg area to get commuter rail.

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